Photo Ralf Thees

Main Electric Guitars

Gibson R8 VOS Lemonburst, nicknamed “Gary Moore”

photo cmartin

Gibson R 8 VOS Washed Cherry

Fender American Original `50s  Stratocaster White Blonde

Photo Ralf Thees
photo cmartin

Gibson Custom Shop 59 Reissue ES 335 VOS Vintage Natural

photo carinagrießmann

 Gibson Gary Moore Signature BFG

photo cmartin
photo cmartin

Main Amps

Marshall DSL 40 CR

Dual Super Lead (Classic Gain / Ultra Gain) with four modes (Clean/ Crunch/ OD1/ OD2), two master volumes, emulated recording out

photo cmartin

So klingt der Emulated Output des Marshall DSL 40 CR – no speakers – silent recording!

Marshall Origin 20C

Marshall Origin 20 C – einfacher Aufbau ohne Schnickschnack

Weitere Amps…….

2000 Marshall DSL 2000  401 LC Combo/ 1999 Marshall DSL 2000 Combo

My old JCM 2000 DSLAmps photo cmartin

Marshall DSL 5 CR

Marshall Code 25

Modelling Amp

Marshall Code 25 photo cmartin
Marshall Gateaway App

Marshall 1974 X Handwired

Old amps -Koch Studiotone and Jupiter (from 2010 to 2017)
photo cmartin 1/2020


Pedalboard 11/2020: Blade Switcher- Marshall Echohead – Marshall Regenerator – Marshall Governer II – Marshall Bluesbreaker II – Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Wah – Marshall PEDL-91016 Footswitch photo cmartin

Stromversorgung 1Spot Pro CS 6 und leuchtet blau unter dem Board

Main Acoustic Guitars

Gibson L OO Standard VS“Blues Queen”

Epiphone Double 0“Blues Lady”

Gibson J 35 Faded 30sSlope-Shouldered Dreadnought “Bluegrass Lady”


Eastman MD305 A-Style Mandolin


Marshall 6-Way-Controller, Blade Switcher, Marshall Echohead, Marshall Regenerator, Marshall Guvnor , Marshall Bluesbreaker II, Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Wah

Other Effects

Dunlop Cry Baby, Vox Wah, Dunlop Joe Bonamassa, Marshall Echohead, RF1, RG1,  BB2, Guvnor II, Friedman Dirty Shirley, Fender Santa Ana (sold!), Dunlop Way Huge Smalls Blue Hippo, T-Rex Moller II (sold!), Lexicon MPX 110, Artverb, Hughes&Kettner Tubeman+