Monthly Guitar March 2021

Some readers asked about handling the Marshall Code amp.

Marshall Code Amp got lots of options. Tweak around to find your dream sound by disabling e.g. cab simulation, power amp or pre amp or even all of them. Try out distortion or overdrive pedals. Listen to your patches on amp or recording desk. Add some modulation like vibrato, reverb and delay. Not to forget to have a look on the gate. Too much gate can kill the amp´s natural sound. Maybe it´s neccessary to disable cab simulation for a good live sound. For recording sake cab simulation may suit well.

Start creating your own patches like you would do on a real amp. Choose one preamp e.g. Plexi. Adjust Gain, Treble, Miiddle, Bass and Volume. Then add effects, distortion, cab sim…

You can easily use Marshall´s app on your mobile phone for easy adjusting the knobs.

Some new “home made” patches for Marshall Code users:

Gary Moores neue Platte “How Blue Can You Get” wird am 30. April 2021 posthum via Provogue/Mascot Label Group veröffentlicht.


1. I’m Tore Down
2. Steppin’ Out
3. In My Dreams
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. Looking At Your Picture
6. Love Can Make A Fool Of You
7. Done Somebody Wrong
8. Living With The Blues

Press Release

This month marked the 10th anniversary of the death of former Thin Lizzy guitarist and solo star Gary Moore, and now Provogue Records have dug into the Moore archive to compile an album of previously unheard and unreleased songs. 

How Blue Can You Get will be released on April 30 and contains eight tracks. First out of the gates is the Moore original In My Dreams, Parisienne Walkways-esque ballad featuring that unmistakable Gary Moore tone.

Elsewhere on the album are versions of Freddie KingI’m Tore Down, Memphis Slim‘s Steppin’ Out, Elmore James’ Done Somebody Wrong and BB King‘s How Blue Can You Get, the song that gives the album its name. Full tracklist below.

“Gary Moore was a force,” says Toto founder Steve Lukather. “His intensity, as well as his dynamic sweet soft tones, had such deep feel. He was a master, and I got to watch him play and meet him. He was a very nice man as well. His loss is felt by all who loved him, but we are blessed; we can still hear him play on the records, DVD’s, and all that will live forever. He was a one of a kind.”

“Gary Moore took the blues and turned it on its head for me,” adds Black Crowes guitarist Chris Robertson. “His ferocity and his style of playing definitely has been an influence on me. There’s a ferociousness on what he does that can’t be matched.”

“We grew up in the business together, and he eventually became a major solo star,” says ex-Whitesnake man Bernie Marsden. “I wasn’t remotely surprised, of course, as his playing was so astonishing, a great showman and performer. But to me, he was first and foremost, my friend, and I still miss him today! Enjoy this rare recording.”

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