Monthly Guitar Blog/ December

A short vid Marshall Origin 20 Combo and Gibson USA Standard Les Paul from 2006 and a more shorty one with same amp and R 8 Lemon. 🙂

Gibson R8 VOS and Marshall Origin – vintage sound 🙂

Guitar pedals.

Marshall guitar pedals

My favorite reverb pedal – 6 modes
6 different echos/ delays
Chorus, phaser, flanger…., vibe…With Multiple Chorus you get that typical Peter Frampton sound: “Do you feel like we do”
The Guvnor… no more to say 🙂
Marshall´s Bluesbreaker with boost and drive function
Joe Bonamassa´s favorite Chorus pedal
Pedal´s older version used by Gary Moore. Great you can mix sounds between device and amp. Awesome boost function.
Great reverb pedal.
Friedman Dirty Shirley 🙂 for more gain settings with Marshall Origin or Fender Blues Junior. Fender Santa Ana to double-boost sounds on Fender Blues Junior, Marshall Origin or DSL`s clean channel.
Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby
Vox Wah
Dunlop Cry Baby Original Wah
Effect board plus DSL 40 CR footcontroller

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