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2009 Gibson Les Paul R7 VOS Goldtop

Gibson Custom Shop R7 VOS

If I had to choose the best sounding Les Pauls of my selection, this axe would be on second place. Built in 2009, it got the 2009 historic specs including the `50s wiring.

Typical 1957 fat neck

Weight:  8,87 Lbs/ 4,02 kg

2009 historic specs:

  1. Bridge: Non-wire ABR
    Nut: Correct nut material
    Switch Nut: Correct number of ridges; much closer to vintage specs
    Poker Chip: Thin, and much closer to vintage
    Pots: Upgraded
    Back Control & Switch Plates: Proper material
    Back Control Plate: Correct location/orientation
    TRC: Period correct Truss rod cover
    Tailpiece & Knob Positions
    Overall body thickness is the same, but mahogany is slightly thicker and maple is slightly thinner
    Fingerboard thickness is more accurate (thinner than it was previously)
    the radius on the edge of the body backside is sharper
    Pickguard shape more accurate
    Maple “window” in cutaway is smaller
    The jackhole is now 1″ diameter (was smaller)
    The overall body shape is more accurate
  2. 50´s wiring is a cool thing and introduced in 2009 for the Custom Shop Models. What is 50´s wiring?

This wiring was used in the first Les Pauls until the end of the fifties.

What’s the difference between Gibson 50’s vs. Modern Wiring?

 50’s Wiring

  • when turning down the Volume more heights are remaining
  • a turn of the Tone also affects the Volume
  • Example: Turning guitar´s volume to eight ( as indicated by pointer washer!) tone cleans up for wonderful crunchy sounds or soloing. Fully turned on you got an enormous amount of volume for solo guitar
  • Turning down the tone pot around to 4/5 you achieve affects sound and volume.
  • Joe Bonamassa sound and 50´s wiring

Gary Moore performing “Evil Love” using the volume knob ( 3:50 – 4:50)

My 2009 R7
photo cmartin
photo amrhein
photo cmartin
photo amrhein

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