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March Edition

1982 Gold Top 30th Anniversary

This is by far my oldest axe. Bought in 1983 and heavily used throughout the years. This serial (82 to 83) was together with the Heritage series (1980) the start of really good  Gibson guitars in the terrible Norlin era. Instead of the Custom Shop models this reissue doesn´t have a long neck tenon and the tone/volume knobs are not historically correct. It´s my heaviest guitar (10.3 lbs.). A special hum shield is to be found in the cavity on the backside. Mine is now aged by years to be seen on the photos. The neck isn´t a chunky one, the frets are wide. Only thing I swapped are the pick ups for custom shop burstbuckers 2 and 3. One of the original pick ups is in America; but that´s another story to be told.

Body and Hardware       single cutaway, deep carved maple top, mahogany back ( non chambered/ no weight relief, tune-o-matic brigdge with spring retainer, uniform-depth binding in cutaway

Neck     three piece mahogany neck, pearl trapezoid inlays, 30th Anniversary engraved on inlay at  19th fret, nickel-plated hardware, serial number with A-, B- or C-prefix followed by three digits

The old Lifton case aged by use, the original tags and a guitar review by German “Fachblatt

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